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Balancing household energy consumption & production
Interaction Design, UX Research, Digital/Physical Prototyping, Embedded Electronics
Project Info
Final Bachelor Project (FBP)
Industrial Design, TU/e
coaching by Lenneke Kuijer
In Collaboration With
Team VIRTU/e
More and more of our the energy we use in our homes is coming from renewable sources; from windmill parks to solar panels we have on your own roof. However, they are not able to supply electricity on demand. Due to our daily schedules we use energy most in mornings and evenings, which can lead to shortages which have to be supplemented by polluting energy sources, such as coal and gas.
EQUI helps users to balance and reduce their house-holds energy consumption by scheduling energy intensive appliances, such as charging the electric car. By learning from everyday patterns of the users, it can over time autonomously create a schedule for when the appliances need to be finished. Equi gives the users insight in their expected energy consumption/production so they can interact with their energy schedule and make exceptions to make it work with your own, sometimes unexpected, daily lives.
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