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Post Plant
Building a connection between plants and humans
Conceptualisation, Product Design, Physical Prototyping, Video Production
Project Info
Master Project
Industrial Design, TU/e
coaching by Bart Hengeveld
In Collaboration With
Ruoxue Zhu
Meng Zheng
A plant is a symbol of life – it grows, blossoms, and reaches out to the light. In nature, plants form an even more fascinating collective system. They exchange nutrients, keep each other alive, and ‘communicate’ with each other and their environment. When in our homes, as houseplants, they lose that connection – they depend on us humans to survive.
With Post-plant, we want to restore our houseplants’ connection with each other, their environment and people, to replicate, as it were, how they live in nature. We do that by giving them the autonomy to move to ideal living locations, by creating a ‘chemical exchange bridge’ between them and by attaching a bionic leaf to the plants. This enables them to form a new relationship and interaction with us humans.
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